Plaza+ (A+)

Easy service maintenance because of demountable acoustical lay-in tile in exposed T-grid

  • Plaza+ with Unity 3 perforation in an office.
  • Once installed, Plaza+ ceiling tiles are completely flush with the T-grid.
  • Plaza+ is a lay-in tile with a 1.5mm groove on the front, ensuring a flush connection between the ceiling tile and the suspension grid.

Product details

Plaza+ is a demountable acoustical ceiling for exposed suspension grid. The acoustical tiles are extremely easy to install, making Plaza+ a cost-saving acoustic solution. Plaza+ has a unique edge design which lets the T-grid be completely flush with the ceiling tile. Along with excellent acoustic comfort and exceptional robustness, Plaza+ is also ideal as a ventilation ceiling

  • Verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Danish Indoor Climate Labelling
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Fireresistant
  • Repaintable without loss of acoustics
  • Tested as ventilation ceiling
  • Easy access to installations
  • Rich design possibilities with different perforation designs
  • High acoustical performance
  • Listed to be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings

Edge Designs

Plaza+ (A+) Plaza+ (A+) Visible S15 suspension grid
Plaza+ (A+) Plaza+ (A+) Visible S24 suspension grid

Perforation Designs

Unity 3 Unity 3 Square 3.5x3.5mm, c/c 8.3mm
Unity 4 Unity 4 Circles Ø4mm, c/c 10mm
Unity 6 Unity 6 Round Ø6mm, c/c 15mm
Unity 9 Unity 9 Square 9x9mm, c/c 20mm
Unity 8/15/20 Unity 8/15/20 Various circles Ø8, Ø15 & Ø20mm

Reference project with Plaza+

The robustness and ease of installation make Plaza+ a favourable choice for schools and kindergartens in particular.


Plaza+ is tested as a vandal-proof ceiling which makes it suitable for classrooms and other rooms with risk of impact to the ceiling. The ceiling tiles are tested for safety against ball throwing and rated class 3A: secure against ball throwing according to DIN 18032-3 and resistant against impact according to DIN EN 13964.

Unique edge design

A traditional lay-in tile with a straight edge A is one of the most common tiles for false ceilings. With Plaza+, we have introduced a new level of design quality for this widespread acoustic ceiling. A small 1.5mm groove on front of the tile lets the T-grid "sink" into the tile. This leaves the ceiling surface much more simple and undisturbed. The new edge also has a functional, cost-saving advantage, as it is faster to adjust the tiles in the grid. 

Suitable as ventilation ceiling 

Plaza+ is tested and approved for diffuse ventilation. With Plaza+ as so-called ventilation ceiling, there is no need for air inlets in the ceiling. Fresh air is blown into the cavity of the ceiling and moves evenly into the room through the acoustical tiles. Advantage: no crossing ducts; savings of up to 50 cm room height; no draught in the room.  

Sustainable material

Each of our Plaza+ acoustic ceiling tiles consist of up to 30% recycled gypsum. Gypsum is a clean and safe material, hence the fireresistant abilities and the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling. 

Product performance

  • Sustainability Sustainability

    Made of gypsum

    100% recycleable

    Safe and clean material

  • Acoustics Acoustics

    Up to 0.90 NRC 

    Up to 0.95 alpha value

    Value depending on design and construction

    Re-paintable without impact on the sound absorption of the tiles

  • Air quality Air quality

    Certified according to
    Danish Indoor Climate labelling

    Air purification with
    Cleaneo Technology

    Verified Environmental
    Product Declaration (EPD)

    Listed to be used in
    Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings

  • Ventilation Ventilation

    Tested and approved as ventilation ceiling with concealed air inlet.

Plaza and Belgravia - Cutting and handling

Watch our video and guide, so you know how to cut and handle our demountable acoustic ceilings: Plaza, Plaza+, Belgravia and Belgravia+