Indoor comfort in everyday buildings

We develop and manufacture acoustic materials from perforated gypsum. From our facilities in Denmark, we have been delivering acoustic solutions for the construction market around the world. Since 1958.

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Aesthetics and comfort must go hand in hand

Our reason to be is to provide beautiful acoustic materials for longlasting indoor comfort. We believe that the time spent indoors – which for most of us is 90% of our day – should be spent in healthy comfortable environments. Surrounded by safe materials that improve sound and air quality in a room. And look good - over time, too. 

Knauf Danoline Production Quality Check

Sustainability & quality are our guiding stars

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in our Danish heritage - to create simple solutions that look good, last long and function well. We strive for timeless design with high-performing functionality. Always with sustainability and quality as the guiding star. And with utmost respect for the material - gypsum. 

The secret lies in the perforation

Perforated gypsumboard is at the base of our products. By punching holes in a gypsumboard, we give the material its acoustic function. And add an aesthetic character to the material. Simple. Effective. Pure.

Look up ... and see the beauty of everyday life

We encourage you to look up, because we believe that every room deserves a beautiful acoustic solution that stands the test of time.

Gypsum Recyclable

Designed to last - by nature

We believe in making the most out of natural resources. Recyclability and product lifetime is part of all our activities. We strive to make our material last by keeping our products pure and simple. So that they can back to us after ended service life. Today, up to 30% of a Knauf Danoline ceiling tile is made from recycled gypsum boards. Recycled content could be as high as 100% if we had enough recycled gypsum available.  

More about sustainability of gypsum

Danish origin - Global presence

At Knauf Danoline, we have been manufacturing acoustical ceiling and wall materials for 60+ years. From our base in Hobro at the northern part of Denmark, we supply our gypsum products to construction sites around the world. 

We are part of the German, family-owned Knauf Group. With Knauf's global network of distribution, Knauf Danoline is represented in 130 countries.