Build DGNB-certified with Knauf DANOLINE

We meet the 2020 criterias

Knauf is a member of Green Building Council Denmark, which is the member organisation for DGNB-certified construction. Therefore our documentation are based on the latest DGNB-manual for new buildings and larger scale renovations for 2020.

Knauf DANOLINE contributes to 42.6% of DGNB criteria

Our products are contributing to the criterias for processing quality, environmental qualities, economical qualities, social qualities and technical qualities. All in all our products can have a positive impact of up to 42.6 percent in the DGNB-system.

  • Process & technical quality Process & technical quality

    Documented performance and product data

    Pre-cut products reduce on-site waste

    Possibility for deconstruction and recycling

    Meets strict requirements for fireproofing, sound, and strength

  • Environmental quality Environmental quality

    Gypsum is a 100% recyclable material  

    Knauf DANOLINE gypsum products are made from up to 30% reclaimed material

    Product specific EPD's document the products' lifecycle

    Documented process for recycling of gypsum


  • Economic quality Economic quality

    Life expectancy of up to 60 years minimize operating and maintenance costs

    Product specific data ensures correct calculation of Building-LCA

    Great flexibility and adaptability with gypsum constructions

    Light and ergonomic solution

    Many options for architectural creativity

  • Social quality Social quality

    Danish Indoor Climate Labelling

    Very little degassing (Highest score iaw. DGNB 2020)

    High sound absortion with acoustic products, with possibilty for ventilation

    Surface reflectance of 0.85

DGBN 2020 building typologies

The manual for DGNB 2020 distinguishes between different building types: Office, education, children's institutions, housing, retail, hotel, logistics and production.
This is why the building type influences the percentage of the allocated points, that Knauf DANOLINE products are responsible for.

Weighting of DGNB-criteria

The table shows the share of percentage points in the DGNB-system, that Knauf DANOLINE products influence. The percentage describe the criteria, where products can have an impact on point-allocation. Therefore it's not our products alone, that enables the 44.2-52.8%.

Table showing DGNB criteria, that Knauf DANOLINE gypsum products contributes to, cf. DGNB manual for 2020

Holistic approach to sustainable building

At Knauf DANOLINE, we have a holistic approach to sustainable development within construction. We manufacture our products on a principle of creating value in the construction proces, and comfort during use.
When the products have served their purpose, they should deconstructable and reusable in a new production.

Musikkens Hus Profilbilleder 2 Maj 25 2014

Musikkens hus (House of music), Aalborg

In November 2020, as the first concert hall in Denmark, Musikkens hus achieved an impressive DGNB-gold certification.

Knauf has delivered plasterboards and acoustic ceilings and walls to the main concert hall, rehearsal rooms, lounges and hallways, in the prestigious DGNB-landmark in Aalborg.

More on Musikkens Hus
What is DGNB?

DGNB is a non-profit certification scheme that ensures the quality of the sustainability in your building project. The DGNB-certification originates from Germany, and is an abbraviation of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen. 

The DGNB system evaluates a building or urban area by 6 main criterias: Environmental quality, Economical quality, social quality, process quality, and area quality. Each criteria constitutes a percentage of the total points. 


It's possible to reach certifications of DGNB Silver, DGNB Gold and DGNB Platinum, depending on how many points the building is awarded. Adding to these, it is possible to recieve DGNB Heart based on the parametres for well-being and indoor climate, and DGNB Diamond as a recognition of the buildings architectural quality.

How to reach DGNB-certification for your building project  

A DGNB-certification is an impartial third-party verification of the quality of a building. If a builder wishes to get a DGNB-certification of their building or urban area, they will be assigned an qualified DGNB auditor, who will be responsible for the certification process, submission of documents etc. to the third-party DGNB certification council.