Enhance productivity at work

One third of our life is spent at work. So the environment we work in is a major factor in our well-being. Creating indoor environments that are both healthy and comfortable can help us all work more productively and efficiently.

Less noise + less stress = more focus

We all know how hard it is to concentrate in open offices when people nearby are talking. Stressful, too, when you’re trying to get something done. Gypsum acoustic ceilings and walls are the ideal solution for minimising distractions and lowering stress levels. In addition, acoustic gypsum ceiling systems improve ventilation, helping to keep the workforce healthy and happy.

27% reduction in stress levels

Speech is the most distracting noise in offices. In fact, conversation distractions have been found to decrease work performance by 7%. Remove these distractions, though, and stress in open offices can be reduced by 27% and error rates cut by 10%. Healthier workspaces mean healthier people, too. Research shows that improving ventilation rates can reduce sick leave by 35% and increase performance by 1.5%.

Bright contemporary rooms for higher productivity

All around the world, our products help ensure a healthy indoor comfort and bright rooms.

Give your clients the Triple A treatment

Acoustics, air and aesthetics – this is the winning ‘triple A’ formula of gypsum acoustic ceilings and walls. Combining great comfort with exceptional performance and unmatched sustainability, our gypsum tiles optimise acoustic comfort and ensure better air quality, with the versatility to design beautiful, functional spaces that stand the test of time.

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100% recyclability

Our acoustic gypsum ceiling and wall tiles are made from natural, sustainable materials that are easily separated and fully recycled at the end of their lifespan. They deliver a timeless look and robust performance that lasts a lifetime. What’s more, they can be repainted as often as required, with no impact on acoustic performance, and their properties will not diminish for at least 50 years.

More about sustainability

3 ways to create workspaces that enhance performance

  • Use bright acoustic materials that reduce noise and create privacy
  • Optimise daylight by using materials with a light diffusing surface
  • Integrate acoustic ceiling tiles with ventilation to achieve fresh air inflow without drafts

Use our acoustic room guide to find the optimal solution for your next office project.