How Knauf DANOLINE can help you with acoustic consulting

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Acoustic consulting for optimal architectural designs

Design buildings with excellent acoustics and prevent unsatisfied clients by getting acoustic advice from Knauf DANOLINE. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we can help you find the right solution for your project and suggest the best-suited acoustic products

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Start acoustic design the right way

A restaurant where patron conversations are impossible, a classroom where the children in the back cannot hear the teacher. Poor acoustics make a room unwelcoming and even unhealthy. And it is a lot easier to implement a proper acoustic setup from the start than fix it later. This is where we come in. We share our expertise and help you start off right.

How we can help you with acoustic consulting

Meeting specific building requirements adds to the acoustic design challenge, especially if you also aim for sustainable materials.

We are here to help tune the details for you and ensure that your project is acoustically sound, environmentally friendly, and visually pleasing.

You’re at the early stage of the design

If you are just starting off and need guidance on how to proceed with architectural acoustics, we can advise and share the best practices of acoustic design to help you make an informed decision.

You require acoustic treatment

Suppose you are further ahead with your acoustic design but realize the current setup is not working. In that case, we can take a look and recommend specific acoustic treatment or different approaches to the initial solution.

How it works

You contact us, and we schedule a call to discuss your current project and evaluate your acoustic design needs
You provide us with project details such as the volume of the space, the facade, the floor, the shape of the walls, and any other relevant information we might need.
We evaluate the case with our team of specialists on-site or on-call and advise on how to best proceed with your acoustic design.
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Design acoustics for any building and any room

A classroom. A clinic. A private house. Each building has its set of unique acoustic requirements. Having created acoustic solutions for a wide range of spaces, we can consult you on what works best for what type of room or building. Reach out for a call, and let’s find a solution that works for you, no strings attached.

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For architects with varying needs

Our knowledge and experience in acoustic design come from working with hundreds of acousticians and architects over the years. This gives us a good understanding of your acoustic needs and the challenges of each space.

As we came across Knauf DANOLINE products, we were impressed by the versatility and flexibility. There are so many options and solutions that can be used in any project, and we can always get the guidance needed. Apart from the acoustic qualities, the perforated gypsum tiles give a room a really neat look. Simple, yet classy
Geetika Jain, Design Director, DSP
Aake Lindgren

Master acoustics on your next project - reach out to us

You no longer need to choose between looks and functionality. We show you how to ensure the building is acoustically optimized, visually appealing, and healthy to be in all at once. Reach out to us, and we will help you find the best acoustic solution.

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