Circular design thinking

At Knauf Danoline, we take responsbility for more sustainable construction. With respect for the people who build and people who occupy the buildings. Through product innovation, we constantly search to improve our products and processes. So that we can ensure optimal use of our resources, full recyclability and in the end added value to your project. 

Circular design thinking lies in our DNA. Knauf Danoline was born out of a need to make use of damaged gypsumboards. A heritage that is at the heart of our identity even 60 years after. 

Gypsum Recyclable

Gypsum - naturally recyclable

Gypsum is at the very core of our business. A sustainable material made by nature - that obliges us to act sustainably and to think circularity in all our processes. Gypsum is healthy for people and buildings.

The composition and qualities of gypsum remain the same over time. This makes gypsum a truely durable material. This is also the reason why gypsum can be recycled again and again. 

Knauf Danoline products are 100% recyclable. This is possible because our production is kept pure: 

  • Acoustic felt backing is biodegradable
  • Cardboard is 100% recycled paper
  • Paint is water-based
  • Water and biodegradable additives only

Circular design is a natural part of our development and production processes. And the reason why we can use old gypsumboards in the production of new acoustical products. Today, up to 30% of our acoustical tile consists of recycled gypsum. 

Longlasting comfort

Sustainable spaces are created with healthy and harmless materials that maintain their functionality and aesthetical performance. For decades. This is what makes gypsum ceilings truly stand out. Their ability to be repainted. The non-porous, pure material. And full recyclability.