Improve comfort and wellbeing in healthcare facilities

When you’re at a hospital, whether as a patient or a visitor, not only should your surroundings feel safe and comfortable, they should support the healing process, too. In fact, it’s been shown that the physical environment and comfort in healthcare facilities have a direct impact on patient health and recovery times.

15% faster recovery

Research shows that patients' recovery time is 15% shorter when in bright, sunny rooms. Other findings prove that light rooms - particularly daylight - improve patients’ mood, reduce length of stay (by 13%) and can even decrease the need for medication by 22%. In contrast, research also shows that noise causes increased heart rate and blood pressure, as well as disrupted sleep – which negatively affects the healing and recovery process. So acoustic gypsum ceilings that reduce noise levels can also help to improve patient recovery times.

Acoustics improve patient safety

It isn’t only patients who suffer from excess noise in hospitals – staff are affected, too. Noise increases their stress levels and risk of burnout. In addition, poor acoustics or excessive noise have a negative effect on staff efficiency, with studies showing that improved acoustics reduce the risk of error.

How do you create spaces that enhance patient and staff comfort?

Creating timeless, comfortable and light healthcare environments is vital to the wellbeing of both patients and staff. Acoustic ceilings that diffuse light and maintain their aesthetic qualities over time are an easy way to achieve this. Our products provide proven acoustic comfort, with a low-gloss surface that softly diffuses daylight throughout the room.

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Support our natural environment

Our acoustic gypsum ceilings are uniquely sustainable, too. Knauf Danoline gypsum tiles are made from non-porous, eco-friendly materials that are wholly recyclable at the end of their lifespan - for the benefit of generations to come. Gypsum tiles can also be repainted as often as you need, with no impact on acoustic performance, and their properties will not diminish for at least 50 years.

More about sustainability

Bright contemporary rooms for better healing

Our acoustic ceilings and walls help create bright, comfortable rooms with timeless design. This feature is particularly important in healthcare facilities where surroundings have immense impact on the well-being of patients.

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5 top tips when choosing acoustic materials

  • Does it enhance both speech and listening comfort?
  • How well does it optimise daylight?
  • Can it be easily repainted?
  • Is it recyclable after the end of its service life?
  • Does it allow easy access to service installations?

Use our acoustic room guide to find the optimal solution for your next healthcare project.