Demountable, self-supporting acoustical ceiling

  • Corridor ceiling in a kindergarten. More about the project.
  • Corridor acoustical tiles have a free span of up to 2.4 metres.
  • Corridor ceiling tiles are simply placed between two wall angles. No additional suspension is required.

Product specifies

Corridor gypsum tiles are designed as planks with a free span of up to 2.4 metres. The ceiling tiles are installed without any cross runners or suspension hangers. Therefore, a Corridor acoustical ceiling is extremely quick to install; 3 times faster installation than a traditional T-grid ceiling in a corridor.

  • Danish Indoor Climate Labelling
  • Easy access to installations
  • Free span up to 2.4 metres
  • Ideal for corridors and narrow rooms

Edge Designs

Corridor Corridor Selfsupporting on wall angles, no grid

Perforation Designs

Micro Micro Square 3x3mm, c/c 8.3mm
Globe Globe Circles Ø6mm, c/c 15mm
Quadril Quadril Square 12x12mm, c/c 30mm
Tangent Tangent Obround 4x14 mm, c/c 10/20mm

Reference projects with Corridor ceiling

Corridor is a highly functional ceiling - giving you time-saving benefits in all phases. Simple design process as the entire surface is free from hangers. Quick installation. And effortless servicing of installations. Ideal for long corridors in schools and hospitals, for example.

  • Corridor in a school.
  • Corridor can also be used in combination with a screw-fixed ceiling to ensure easy access to installations.
  • Corridor with Micro perforation in a kindergarten. More about this project
  • Corridors at Hamlet private hospital in Denmark. More about this project.
3 times faster installation

You install the acoustical Corridor ceiling planks by sliding them on to two wall angles. No suspension hangers or T-grids are required. In narrow rooms and corridors, you can therefore install an acoustic ceiling 3 times faster by using Corridor ceiling tiles compared to a T-grid ceiling. 

Time-saving servicing of installations

Corridor gypsum tiles are just as easy to demount as they are to install. All you need to do is lift the ceiling plank and remove it from between the wall angles. Once you demount the Corridor tiles, you have competely undisturbed access to the installations, free from suspension system. 

Long-lasting comfort 

Corridor acoustical ceiing is made from robust gypsum material which is 100% recyclable. This means that the ceiling tiles can be re-processed to make new gypsum ceiling tiles. In addition to their circularity, the ceiling planks also have long-lasting aesthetic and functional quality, because you can repaint the ceiling without any impact on their acoustic performance.  


Product performance

  • Sustainability Sustainability

    Made of gypsum

    100% recycleable

    Safe material

  • Acoustics Acoustics

    Up to 0.95 NRC 

    Up to 0.95 alpha value

    Value depending on design and construction

  • Air quality Air quality

    Certified according to
    Danish Indoor Climate labelling

    Air purification with
    Cleaneo Technology