Acoustic tiles for ceilings and walls

Design buildings with excellent acoustics and prevent unsatisfied clients by getting acoustic advice from Knauf DANOLINE. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we can help you find the right solution for your project and suggest the best-suited acoustic products.

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  • Air quality Air quality
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Four product categories for tailored needs

Demountable acoustic t-grid ceilings
Demountable acoustic t-grid ceilings
  • Suspended from the sub-construction
  • Easy access to maintenance
  • Ideal for hiding installations
  • For larger buildings such as schools, offices and hospitals
Free-span demountable ceilings
Free-span demountable ceilings
  • Spans from wall to wall
  • Easy access to maintenance
  • Commonly used in corridors
  • For larger buildings such as schools, offices and hospitals
Fixed ceilings and walls
Fixed ceilings and walls
  • Mounted using screw-fixing
  • Wide range of products for ceilings and walls
  • For residential and non-residential buildings
  • Finished or untreated surfaces depending on product
Special function solutions
Special function solutions
  • Products with special functions, such as impact resistance or printable surfaces
  • For use in special settings such as cinemas, sport arenas and kindergartens

Ensure perfect acoustics and design with recyclable perforated gypsum products

The base of our products is gypsum. Gypsum is a recyclable material, and it retains its properties for decades. By perforating gypsum tiles, we give our product their acoustic function and aesthetic character, creating a contemporary, monolithic look, while still maintaining gypsum's superior qualities as building material. 

The versatility and flexibility of gypsum allow for design experimentation and creative solutions to fulfill any architectural design ideas. Most importantly, perforated gypsum supports sound absorption and diffusion in all sound frequencies as well as contributes to a good and healthy indoor climate. 

Free-span demountable ceilings

Unity perforation for a uniform look, stunning aesthetics, and high acoustic performance

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Our special product series, Unity, features demountable acoustic tiles with edge-to-edge perforation, creating a seamless, monolithic look and stunning aesthetics. This means the finished ceiling surfaces appear smooth and unified - thus the name Unity.

The Unity series offers a range of perforation geometrics to cater to your design specifications. 

Discover Unity

Knauf DANOLINE acoustic ceilings and wall in real life

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A classroom. A clinic. A private house. Each building has its set of unique acoustic requirements. Having created acoustic solutions for a wide range of projects, we can consult you on what works best for the type of room or building.

Reach out for a call, and let's find a solution that works for you, no strings attached. 

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