Contur Unity

Demountable acoustical ceiling tile installed in a concealed T-grid

  • Contur Unity with Unity 4 perforation - here installed as ventilation ceiling.
  • Contur Unity with Unity 8/151/20 perforation installed in a kindergarten.
  • Contur Unity conceals the T-grid thanks to the grooved edges of the ceiling tiles.

Product details

Contur Unity is an acoustical ceiling installed in concealed T-grid. The ceiling tiles offer a monolithic yet fully demountable surface with perforations extending to the edge of the tile.

Contur Unity acoustic tiles are installed from below the T-grid, requiring only 63mm installation depth.

Contur Unity is tested and approved as ventilation ceiling with concealed air inlet.

  • Verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Danish Indoor Climate Labelling
  • Made from gypsum, a recyclable material
  • Fireresistant
  • Repaintable without loss of acoustics
  • Listed to be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings
  • Product is recyclable and can be reused in the production of new gypsum boards and gypsum tiles

Edge Designs

Contur+ (D+) Contur+ (D+) Concealed suspension grid

Perforation Designs

Unity 3 Unity 3 Square 3.5x3.5mm, c/c 8.3mm
Unity 4 Unity 4 Circles Ø4mm, c/c 10mm
Unity 6 Unity 6 Round Ø6mm, c/c 15mm
Unity 9 Unity 9 Square 9x9mm, c/c 20mm
Unity 8/15/20 Unity 8/15/20 Various circles Ø8, Ø15 & Ø20mm

Installation guide for concealed T-grid acoustic ceilings

Watch our installation video on how to install our Contur and Contur Unity acoustic ceilings in a concealed T-grid ceiling.

Cutting and handling our Contur Unity acoustic ceiling tiles

Watch our video and guide so you know how to cut and handle our Contur Unity and Contur acoustic ceiling tiles.

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