Our team of experts and partners work together with architects around the world to find the best solution for their specific project. Here is a look at some of these projects.

IBA International Business Academy with ventilation ceiling

Fresh air, excellent acoustics and minimalistic design

Trostberg Secondary School

Visona acoustic ceiling: easy access to installations without compromising good acoustics

Victoria International School

Endless possibilities with Knauf DANOLINE acoustic ceiling and wall solutions

Lykkebo School, Denmark

Improved acoustic performance and indoor climate

Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai

Acoustic ceilings in a modern learning facility

Safa British School

An architectonic and thematic campus for a healthy learning environment

North London Collegiate School

Bright contemporary rooms for enhanced learning

Elementary school reduces CO2 levels with ventilation ceilings

Documented improvement of indoor air quality and acoustics

Baccarat Gymnasium with Contrapanel acoustic ceiling

Acoustic comfort, soft organic shapes and impact resistance

Library at University of Mons

Modern learning space with serenity of an ancient convent

Nurse education institute

Perfect match between aesthetics and function

RNS IT College, India

Superb acoustics with DANOloft® acoustical ceilings

Great aesthetics, acoustics and ventilation

See the five different designs, that each creates a unique uniform look when placed across an entire ceiling.

Colourful acoustics

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to decorating the acoustic ceilings and walls by Knauf DANOLINE. Use a paint colour of your choice or a customised print to make your acoustic surface come together with the rest of your interior design.

FVG Folien Offices

Ceilings with monolithic design and full demountability

Regie des Bâtiments offices

Plaza Unity ceiling, in exposed T-grid and with special light fixtures

Atelier de la Grange office

Raw concrete look and a pleasant acoustic environment with Adit acoustic panels

Mathworks offices in Bangalore

Bright contemporary ceilings with a smooth, monolithic surface


Rold12 is a ground-breaking, three-dimensional acoustic gypsum ceiling that brings the beauty of natural materials into everyday spaces.

Endo Dental Clinic

Acoustic ceilings for a quieter health environment

Vendsyssel Hospital

Bright, welcoming expression with robust ceilings

Retirement Home Le jardin intérieur

Monolithic ceiling with pleasant acoustics and soft look

Hamlet Hospital

Pleasant indoor climate and clean air

Dental Clinic in Lure

Acoustic ceilings in healthcare

Lümü Kindergarten

Excellent acoustics in newly built Kindergarten in Northern Germany

Flemalle kindergarten

Using perforations as night sky in the nap room

Kindergarten Wettenberg

Simple and bright atmosphere for the little ones

Gilserberg Kindergarten

Excellent acoustics with an unique, fresh, and new look

The Ball Resto Bar, Belgium

Black painted acoustic ceilings for a warm and cosy atmosphere

Hotel Van der Valk

Healthy and safe materials for hotel's guests and staff

Wine & View bar at Helsinki Airport

Bubbly, light feeling at the bar airport

House of Music in Aalborg, Denmark

Unique design and acoustics for a prestigious landmark

Levallois Perret Sports Centre

Acoustics and robustness for indoor comfort and safety

Swaminarayan Temple Auditorium

Sleek look with air-cleaning technology

4-star family hotel with natural design elements

Acoustic ceiling with a playful, organic-like look brings comfort and well-being to guests at Hotel Fårup, Denmark.

Mercedes Benz car dealership

A superior customer experience with Knauf DANOLINE acoustic ceilings

Woluwe Shopping Centre

Contur Unity 9 offers design simplicity and superb acoustics

Kristianstad Shopping Centre

An ordinary ceiling tiles with extraordinary details

Volkswagen Scherer Car Dealership

Combining functionality and design

New dimension: DANOloft® 600x1200 mm in private home in Denmark

Top acoustic performance and homogen design unfold in a new dimension to acoustic gypsum tiles from Knauf DANOLINE: DANOloft® 600x1200 mm

Private home in Vejen, Denmark

Good acoustics with DANOloft® make room for the whole family

Private home in Vedbæk, Denmark

Reducing noise in a family of eight

Private home in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Beautiful and effective ceiling: DANOloft® provides calmness in everyday life

Villa with a sea view

Discreet ceiling design to let the exterior dominate

Private home in Aalborg, Denmark

Turn up the acoustics with DANOloft®

Private villa with Designpanel in Oslo, Norway

Customised home feeling in Norway

Designpanel in private home in Denmark

Fantastic acoustics in everyday life with the stylish and simple acoustic ceiling, Designpanel

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