Gilserberg Kindergarten

Excellent acoustics with an unique, fresh, and new look

A good acoustic environment is essential for children to concentrate and learn. Especially in kindergartens. When children are learning to speak, it is important that they hear the nursery teacher correctly. Acoustic ceilings are therefore an important part of the interior design when deciding on acoustic design.

Acoustic gypsum ceilings are ideal for nurseries and kindergartens. Not only do they ensure a nice, comfortable sound. They are also bright in colour and made of completely safe material, gypsum, which is  recyclable (safe because of the high fire classification and being certified with Danish Indoor Climate Labelling). 

For Gilserberg Kindergarten, architects have used Plaza Unity - a demountable lay-in ceiling tile with a new unique look for a standard lay-in tiles. The front of the tile is designed with a slight grooved edge, allowing the suspension grid to "melt" with the ceiling tile and make a more coherent ceiling surface. 


  • Kindergarten Gilserberg, Germany Plaza Unity
  • Kindergarten Gilserberg, Germany Plaza Unity
  • Our Plaza Unity introduces a new unique look for the standard lay-in tiles. The ceiling tile has a slight groove on front which allows the T-grid to be flush with the tile. This creates a more uniform, undisturbed surface.   Plaza Unity