Designing beautiful spaces to live in

Our homes are our safe spaces. Places to enjoy, unwind and spend time with our families. Designing rooms for our homes is about creating welcoming and reassuring spaces to socialize, relax and simply enjoy life.

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Optimise comfort through acoustics

Our preference for maximum daylight, brighter rooms and more minimalistic interiors in our homes means there tend to be more hard surfaces. And more hard surfaces mean more sound is reflected back into the room. In short, it means more noise. That’s why more and more architects are using acoustic ceilings and walls to reduce noise levels in our homes.

Less noise. Less stress

Noise is linked to numerous health risks, from increased heart rate and high blood pressure to higher stress levels – the exact opposite of what we want from our homes. After a day working, our homes should be oases of calm where we can reconnect with our families, our environment and ourselves. A relaxing home is one that’s designed to minimize noise levels – and maximize comfort.

Bright contemporary rooms for comfort of your home

With gypsum ceilings by Knauf Danoline, you can achieve a pleasant sound environment in your home; and ensure a healthy indoor climate with safe materials that ensure high air quality and light reflection.

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Get the ‘hygge factor’

Acoustic gypsum products improve the acoustic comfort in a room and create a more welcoming, homely atmosphere. In Denmark, the home of ‘Scandi style’, the use of acoustic materials in homes is almost the norm. It’s all part of creating that elusive Danish “hygge” – a cosy, calm and simple environment to enjoy your friends and family.

"My floor feels softer to walk on since I got an acoustic ceiling in my kitchen."
Helle, Home owner, Otterup, Denmark
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100% sustainable circularity

Our gypsum solutions not only provide superior comfort and aesthetics, they also ensure full circularity – from sustainable sourcing to long-lasting performance and 100% recyclability. Gypsum ceilings are also non-porous and can be repainted as many times as you like, with no impact on acoustic performance. They are also supremely durable, and their properties won’t diminish for at least 50 years.

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