DANOloft® acoustic gypsum ceiling and wall tiles are now available in new rectangular size: 600x1200 mm

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We dive into how acoustics affect our everyday lives no matter where we spend our time. We explore how acoustic walls and ceilings can help reduce stress levels, how aesthetics and functionality can coexist, and why acoustic privacy is important.

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We are driven by endless possibilities of gypsum. For decades, we have been helping architects around the world create beautiful and acoustic spaces.

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Our mission is to turn your vision into reality. We do it with a down-to-earth approach, relentless focus on quality and a long-term lens. It's the Danish way. Creative. Innovative. Level-headed. A way of working that has defined us for over 60 years.

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Uniting acoustics and aesthetics

Gypsum acoustic materials are safe and healthy to use in any type of room (being certified with Danish Indoor Climate Labelling). Our triple A formula: Acoustics, Air and Aesthetics are a guarantee of a top quality indoor comfort. For students, patients, office workers, daycare children, or any other occupant of a building.