Great aesthetics, acoustics and ventilation

See the five different designs, that each creates a unique uniform look when placed across an entire ceiling.

Unity from Knauf DANOLINE is a series of demountable ceiling solutions that unite aesthetics and functionality. The common principle behind our Unity ceilings is actually quite simple, but the effects and possibilities are many.

Perforated gypsum boards are the base of all our Unity products. The perforations give the board superior acoustic function and give it its characteristic look as well. The gypsum boards are then placed against each other on ceilings and walls to create a seamless look and great acoustics. Simple. Effective. Pure.

Unity ceilings come in a variety of different designs to accommodate any desired look for a room. Common to all designs is that the perforations go all the way to the edges of every tile to create a uniform and seamless look.

On top of the aesthetic and acoustic features, Unity ceilings are also a sustainable choice. Gypsum which makes up the majority of every tile can be recycled over and over – and every new Unity tile is made of up to 30 % recycled gypsum.

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Download our guide for more reference projects

We’ve collected even more reference projects in our guide “How to create great acoustics in any room – without aesthetic compromises”. It’s filled with best practices, inspiration, and real-life examples of better acoustic designs with Unity ceilings.

Download our guide

Choose the look you like

Unity ceilings come in five different designs that each creates a unique uniform look when placed across an entire ceiling.

  • Unity 3. Square perforation pattern, 3.5x3.5mm squares, c / c 8.3mm.
  • Unity 4. Round perforation pattern, Ø4mm circles, c/c 10mm.
  • Unity 6. Round perforation pattern, Ø6mm, c/c 15mm.
  • Unity 8/15/20. Perforation pattern with three different sizes of round perforations, Ø3 mm, Ø15 mm, and Ø20 mm circles
  • Unity 9. Square perforation pattern, 9x9mm squares, c/c 20mm.

Reference projects with Unity

Durable materials, high functionality, and contemporary design make the Unity ceilings suitable for schools, offices, retail shops, hospitals, etc.

  • International Business College, Denmark, Contur+ Unity 4
  • Woluwe Shopping Mall, Belgium, Contur+ Unity 9
  • Kindergarten Gliserberg, Germany, Plaza+ Unity 9
Superior acoustics

The robust nature of the gypsum material allows the acoustic ceiling to maintain its aesthetic and functional quality throughout the lifetime of the building. The acoustic tiles can be repainted without impact on the sound absorption of the tiles.

Concealed ventilation

The entire ceiling surface functions as one large ventilation vent where fresh air smoothly can flow into the room through the perforation holes. No need for air inlets in the ceiling or crossing ducts at the back of the ceiling. This gives you a potential saving of up to 50 cm ceiling height.

Unique Danish design

With our Unity ceiling solutions, we’ve pushed the limits for functional and aesthetic possibilities. We’ve continued the perforation in classical acoustic gypsum boards all the way to the edges – creating a contemporary, monolithic, seamless design.

A sustainable choice

The acoustical tiles are all primarily made of gypsum. A natural material that can be recycled over and over. We are very conscious of the environment and can assure you that every ceiling tile is made of up to 30 % recycled gypsum and covered in recycled paper.

4 reasons to choose Unity ceilings

  • Sustainability Sustainability

    Made of gypsum

    100% recycleable

    Safe material

  • Acoustics Acoustics

    Up to 0.90 NRC 

    Up to 0.95 alpha value

    Value depending on design and construction

  • Air quality Air quality

    Certified according to
    Danish Indoor Climate labelling

    Air purification with
    Cleaneo Technology

  • Ventilation Ventilation

    Tested and approved as ventilation ceiling with concealed air inlet.


The five different designs of the Unity series are found in the following products. You will find the installation instructions under each individual product.

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