Flemalle kindergarten

Using perforations as night sky in the nap room

Only the best is good enough when it comes to our children. For the interior of a kindergarten, it is important to use healthy, safe materials with certified indoor labelling.

The quality of air and sound environment are essential for the well-being of children who spend up to a third of their day indoors. With acoustic ceilings from Knauf Danoline not only are you safe, the noise will also be absorbed efficiently. You can also count on that our acoustic ceiling will promote a healthy comfortable indoor climate. 

The ceilings are made from gypsum - a recyclable material. The acoustic products are listed according to Danish Indoor Climate Labelling - a volountary program for testing of materials in end-use phase.

Contur Unity with Unity 8/15/20 perforation design invites you to be playful with material. This is exactly what architects at Flemalle kindergarten have done by placing lighting at the back of the ceiling and let the light shine through the perforations in the ceiling.