Levallois Perret Sports Centre

Acoustics and robustness for indoor comfort and safety

In premises such as indoor tennis courts, the risk of impact to the ceiling and walls is high. At the same time, the need for sound absorption is similar to any other rooms where people gather and interact.

An excellent solution that meets both requirements – acoustics and impact-resistance – is Contrapanel. This gypsum-based lining for ceilings and walls meets the toughest requirements for impact resistance according to EN 13964 or DIN 18032.

  • Contrapanel can be used with or without perforations - depending on how much acoustic treatment is needed. Contrapanel
  • Levallois Perret Sports Centre, France Contrapanel
  • Contrapanel is installed using white-painted screws, directly through the panel. Contrapanel
  • The surface is washable and ideal for customised printing, as it is covered with pre-impregnated paper. Installed on walls or ceilings. Contrapanel