Architect: Aarhus Arkitekterne

Hamlet Hospital

Pleasant indoor climate and clean air

“We wanted the ceilings at Hamlet Private Hospital to be easy to clean and as light in colour as possible. Furthermore, they had to be sound absorbing in accordance with the building code."
Kasper Færk Jacobsen, Technical Manager, Hamlet Hospital

Acoustic environment, air quality and aesthetics are equally important for the comfort of staff and patients in a hospital. It is important to choose materials that are simple in their design, are made of a healthy, safe material (certified with Danish Indoor Climate Labelling and a high fire classification) and have excellent sound absorption. Gypsum ceilings are therefore ideal for hospitals. 

At Hamlet Hospital, architects have used Belgravia ceiling tiles in small rooms and wards, because of their robustness and ease of demounting. In the corridors, the rectangular free-span Corridor 400 tiles are used, because they are quick to install and offer exceptionally easy access to installations. 

"The interior had to give the least possible impression of a hospital. The layout, lighting and colour scheme on the walls had to create a peaceful expression. Knauf Danoline’s ceilings helped create this atmosphere thanks to their simple, discreet design."
Kasper Færk Jacobsen, Technical Manager, Hamlet Hospital