Private home in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Beautiful and effective ceiling: DANOloft® provides calmness in everyday life

When renovating their 1950s home, the Hørby family from Frederikshavn in northern Denmark chose to focus on good acoustics without compromising on the aesthetic expression and thereby beautiful design, which they experience with the gypsum acoustic tiles from Knauf DANOLINE: DANOloft®.

In a former home, the Hørby family had experienced noise in the heart of the house; the kitchen-dining area. That is why it was a big priority for the family to create a kitchen-dining area where there was room for play, cooking, talking, socializing with friends, and other activities as well without losing the calmness and the cozy atmosphere. With DANOloft®, the family has now created space for both family and good acoustics in all the rooms of the home.  

"We chose to get DANOloft® because we wanted a ceiling that could provide a calmness in a big kitchen-dining area"
Ida Marie, Private homeowner
Knauf Bolig Frederikshavn Stue Danoloft

In their home in Frederikshavn, the Hørby family has chosen to install DANOloft® in all the rooms in the house. Because of this, the family experiences having a ceiling that is neutral in relation to the rest of the home’s interior, both in terms of colours and type of furniture.

With DANOloft®, the Hørby family gets an acoustic gypsum ceiling with perforations all the way to the edge of each ceiling tile. This gives the family the most optimal sound absorption in each room throughout their home.

DANOloft® has Danish Indoor Climate Labeling, as it is acoustic tiles made of the recyclable and robust material: gypsum. By choosing DANOloft®, the Hørby family has chosen a healthy and allergy-friendly ceiling that promotes a healthy and good indoor climate in their home.

  • DANOloft® in the kitchen-dining area in the Hørby family home provides the family with calmness and coziness. DANOloft®
  • DANOloft® can also be installed in bathrooms. More about DANOloft®
  • The family gets a bright and aesthetic expression without compromising on acoustics. DANOloft®
  • DANOloft® matches perfectly with the family's colours and furniture. DANOloft®
"We would definitely recommend DANOloft® to others. We have got a really amazing acoustics in the house, and it has been easy to install. And then we think it is a neutral solution that fits, whether you are renovating or building a new home"
Ida Marie, Private homeowner