Architect: Ace Group Architects, India

RNS IT College, India

Superb acoustics with DANOloft® acoustical ceilings

For the new auditorium at RNS IT College in Bengaluru, India, Ace Group Architects have chosen DANOloft® acoustical ceilings. The large auditorium of 2,000 square metre set high standards for acoustic performance.

Therefore DANOloft® was the right choice. The pre-painted acoustical panels with perforation to edge deliver superb acoustic performance in a simple, minimalistic design.            

  • 2,000 square metre DANOloft® have been installed in the new auditorium.
  • DANOloft® is installed as fixed lining on ceiling and walls for optimal acoustic value.
  • A creative way to incorporate acoustic panels into wall decorations.
  • R.N. Shetty Information Technology Institute, Bengaluru India