Architect: Salaignac-Camarra, France

Baccarat Gymnasium with Contrapanel acoustic ceiling

Acoustic comfort, soft organic shapes and impact resistance

A ceiling in a gymnasium has two primary functions: reduce noise and endure heavy impact. Architects at Salaignac-Camarra were looking for just that: a robust ceiling solution that could withstand blows and ensure excellent sound environment. To strengthen the acoustical design even more, the architects wanted to create a curved ceiling construction that would diffuse the sound in the room.

With our Contrapanel acoustical panels, we were able to provide the architects with a solution matching all the requirements. Contrapanel is designed to meet the toughest requirements for impact resistance in accordance with DIN 18 032 (EN 13 964). In addition, the ceiling panels are perforated providing excellent sound absorption. And to top it all, thanks to the flexibility of gypsum, Contrapanel can be curved on site.