Swaminarayan Temple Auditorium

Sleek look with air-cleaning technology

This Mumbai-based temple auditorium has the capacity of 500+ audience and is used for public meetings, cultural ceremonies and musical performances. Given the purpose of the building, it has been of utmost importance to achieve a top acoustic quality. 

Designpanel Tangent by Knauf DANOLINE was chosen as the acoustic material for ceilings and walls thanks to the product's acoustic properties, aesthetics and recyclable profile. 

  • Acoustic treatment is ensure using our large acosutic panels for screwfixing - Designpanel
  • Made from gypsum, Designpanel can be curved and folded on site. See more on Designpanel
  • Designpanel with Tangent perforation is often used to create a directional look in a room. See more on Designpanel
Swami Temple Architect

"The auditorium at BAPS Swaminarayan Temple is designed as a multipurpose cultural facility. As the architecture of the room is symmetrical, our acoustic treament of the room has focussed on avoiding echos. We have therefore searched for acoustic materials that have sound absorbing and sound diffusing qualities. We found this in Knauf DANOLINE's Designpanel - a material that we have used for the first time. We found Designpanel suitable for the project due to its balanced acoustics, a recyclable profile and high aesthetic quality. We and our clients are happy with the quality of the acoustic materials. And we therefore intent to use it again in our coming projects too." Ar. Jayendra Patel, owner at Spacious Designs Architects Pvt Ltd