Architect: PNC Architects

North London Collegiate School

Bright contemporary rooms for enhanced learning

Healthy and safe school environments play a central role in our comfort and well-being. Acoustic gypsum ceilings are proved to enhance learning in classrooms - it helps students to communicate, to concentrate and be more mindful in their daily lives. At North London Collegiate School a positive acoustic environment is achieved with Contur+ and Solopanel acoustical ceilings.

The two ceiling types complement each other perfectly. Both ceilings have the same monolithic look, but their functions are different. Contur+ is a fully demountable ceiling tile installed in concealed T-grid - providing easy access to installations. Whereas Solopanel is an acoustical panel for screw-fixing on ceilings or walls.

  • Contur+ demountable ceiling tiles - providing easy access to installations.
  • Contur+ with Unity 4 perforation design - installed in concealed T-grid. Contur Plus
  • Solopanel for screw-fixing on ceilings - where access to installations is less needed.
  • Solopanel with G8 perforation design - for a smooth, completely monolithic surface. Solopanel