Private home in Vejen, Denmark

Good acoustics with DANOloft® make room for the whole family

When choosing building materials for her new house, Kimie from Vejen in Denmark found it of huge importance to prioritize good sound and good acoustics because of the effect good acoustics have on her and her children's wellbeing. Also, good acoustics in a house is one of the main factors that transforms a house into a home.

Kimie has chosen to install our DANOloft® acoustic ceiling tiles in all of the rooms in her new home, so the good sound is made possible every where in her new home. 

When deciding on an acoustic solution for her new home, Kimie chose DANOloft® - which is a ceiling consisting of acoustic and perforated gypsum boards - because of the simple installation, the uniform expression with a timeless and smooth design, and of course because of the high acoustic performance. 

With DANOloft® acoustic ceiling, both Kimie, her family, and visitors experience how comfortable it is being in their home because of the effect that good acoustics have.

Even though the children are playing with their toys, the TV's volume is turned up, the conversation is flowing, and the food is being prepared - all at the same time and in the same space, the sound and feeling in the room is still pleasant for everyone.

  • With DANOloft® acoustic ceiling, there is always a good sound in their home in the Danish city, Vejen.
  • DANOloft® can be installed in every room in the house, including for example the children's rooms. More about DANOloft®
  • DANOloft® in the big kitchen-dining area that has an open connection to the living room
  • Good acoustics, also in the bathrooms in Kimie Giese Falk-Hansen's home in Vejen. More about DANOloft®
  • Turn up the good acoustics and the good sound with DANOloft®
"I experience many benefits by having a DANOloft®. It's comfortable being in here even though the little one is sitting and making noise with her LEGO bricks , and the older one is watching TV. I still feel like I can be here with them because the sound is good"
Kimie G. F.H., Private home owner
Knauf Vejen Danoloft5

When installing her new DANOloft® acoustic ceiling, Kimie found the installation process simple. She didn't had to wait - DANOloft® could be installed immediately, because no acclimatization was needed. 

DANOloft® is installed with screws directly into the perforation holes ensuring this coherent surface. There is no filling or painting required, and DANOloft® is prepainted from factory. 

Since DANOloft is certified with Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, Kimie and her family are ensured a ceiling, which does not release particles or dust. Instead, DANOloft® promotes a healthy indoor climate in their home. 

"I would recommend others getting DANOloft® acoustic ceiling because it has a beautiful and timeless design, which will fit into most homes. In addition, you get a good sound where you can be as a family"
Kimie G. F.H., Private home owner
  • Being together is easier with good acoustics made possible with DANOloft®
  • With perforations to edge, the acoustic ceiling in their home in Vejen, Denmark, gets a uniform expression that is calm to look at. More about DANOloft®
  • DANOloft® has an excellent light reflectance providing the family with a bright home with a comfortable feeling. More about DANOloft®
  • DANOloft® acoustic ceiling has a high fire class making DANOloft® a very safe ceiling in case of fire. More about DANOloft®
  • With DANOloft®, the family now has an acoustic ceiling that ensures good acoustics making it possible for the family to do different activities in the same room