Trostberg Secondary School

Visona acoustic ceiling: easy access to installations without compromising good acoustics

When the newly built school, Trostberg Secondary School from east of Munich in Southern Germany, had to decide the acoustic solution as well as the solution for the ceiling, the school chose Visona from Knauf DANOLINE. The school wanted a modern look without compromising the acoustics, and they found that they could get the needed acoustic solution with our Visona acoustic ceilings.

Visona acoustic ceiling is a demountable lay-in tile ceiling for mounting in a double T-grid. With this double grid, Trostberg Secondary School, has chosen an acoustic solution that enables them to move light fixtures in the suspension grid without having to demount the tiles. So there is an easy access to installations without removing the tiles or compromising the acoustics.         

  • Visona acoustic ceiling from Knauf Danoline at Trostberg Secondary School. Learn more about Visona
  • 400x1200mm Visona acoustic panels as a demountable acoustic ceiling
  • With Visona, there's an easy access to installations hidden behind the tiles. Learn more about Visona
  • Visona acoustic ceiling in the classrooms at Trostberg Secondary School
  • 400x1200mm Visona acoustic panels from Knauf DANOLINE. Learn more about Visona

Our Visona acoustic ceiling focuses on safety, which is of huge importance in an institution like Trostberg Secondary School. Because of the focus on safety, the tiles are fire resistant. 

Visona is made from gypsum, which is a recyclable material - and our Visona acoustic ceiling tiles are certified with Danish Indoor Climate Labelling. This means that the ceiling contributes positively to a healthy indoor climate. This is very important for the students' ability to concentrate and process new learning material.