Designpanel in private home in Denmark

Fantastic acoustics in everyday life with the stylish and simple acoustic ceiling, Designpanel

For the Østergaard family in the Aalborg area in Denmark, good sound and good acoustics in their home have been a major priority when they renovated their 1970’s architect designed villa. With the Designpanel acoustic ceiling from Knauf DANOLINE, the family is getting a classy, stylish and simple aesthetic expression, because the acoustic ceiling ensures a uniform expression without visible joints. This acoustic solution fits perfectly with the family’s other design choices in their home, and at the same time, the family gets a quality product that provides them with fantastic acoustics in their everyday life.

The Østergaard family has previously experienced not prioritizing good acoustics, and this was something they deeply regretted. Therefore, it was even more important for them to find a good acoustic solution that does not take up space when look at the home’s other interior design choices. Designpanel meets the family’s need for good acoustics, which just gives a lovely atmosphere in the home while having a neutral and aesthetic design.

"We chose the Designpanel from Knauf because it has a super aesthetic expression. It's simple, and it's a quality product"
Lena Ø., Private homeowner
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Designpanel from Knauf DANOLINE is an acoustic ceiling, which supports the good and calm sound, and that was exactly what the Østergaard family wanted when searching for the right acoustic solution for their villa and home.

For the Østergaard family, it is crucial that there is a lovely, relaxing and embracing atmosphere in their home. Especially when the family are getting home from a long day, or when they have visitors. The family’s experience is that an acoustic ceiling carries a lot of weight when ensuring the cozy atmosphere and wonderful feeling in the home. That is also why they have chosen the Designpanel acoustic ceiling as the acoustic solution for their home.

"You are getting your need for acoustics fulfilled, but in a neutral and aesthetic way"
Lena Ø., Private homeowner
  • The family achieves a nice atmosphere with fantastic acoustics in everyday life and a stylish design with the Designpanel. More about Designpanel
  • With Designpanel, the family has chosen a quality product
  • Designpanel acoustic ceiling focuses on good acoustic and a classy simple design. More about Designpanel
  • The family has decided having acoustic ceilings, Designpanel, in the different rooms of the house
  • Designpanel is a acoustic ceiling from Knauf DANOLINE, which supports the good and calm sound. More about Designpanel
"The most important thing when choosing a ceiling has without a doubt been choosing something classy, stylish and simple. We wanted a lovely atmosphere and a good sound. Now, we have amazing acoustics in everyday life"
Lena Ø., Private homeowner