DANOtile (A)

Demountable hygiene ceiling in exposed T-grid. Up to 30 minutes fire resistance.

  • DANOtile is a hygiene ceiling which is clean-room certified and can withstand strict cleaning regimes.
  • DANOtile ceiling tiles have a foil-covered front allowing tough cleaning and disinfection agens with pH levels from 2 to 13.

Product details

DANOtile is a hygiene ceiling, installed in an exposed T-grid. DANOtile meets some of the most rigorous requirements for cleaning and infection control. It is therefore highly used in healthcare facilities and kitchens.

  • Clean-room and ISO 5 hygiene ceiling
  • Ergonomic installation
  • Certified fire resistance up to 30 minutes
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Listed to be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings

Edge Designs

DANOtile S24, 6.5mm DANOtile S24, 6.5mm 6.5mm tile in visible S24 suspension grid
DANOtile S24, 9.5mm DANOtile S24, 9.5mm 9.5mm tile in visible S24 suspension grid

Perforation Designs

Regula Regula Unperforated tile

Reference projects with DANOtile

Thanks to its robust foil-covered surface, DANOtile is used in cleanrooms and other facilities requiring tough cleaning and disinfection regimes, such as laboratories, kitchens etc. Being a demountable ISO 5 compliant hygiene ceiling with different classifications, DANOtile is ideal for operations rooms, pastry laboratories, high risk level rooms (level 4), wineries, clinics, hospitals, and food transformation rooms

  • DANOtile hygiene ceiling installed at a dental clinic.
  • DANOtile is also suitable in kitchens. Here installed at a retirement home in Belgium. More about the project

DANOtile is approved according to following classifications making the ceiling tiles ideal for operation rooms, kitchens, wineries, food transformation, pastry laboratories, and high risk level rooms (level 4).

DANOtile has the following classifications:

  • ISO 5 classification following the Norm ISO 14644-1
  • According to French NFS 90-351 norm: Decontamination kinetics: CP5
  • According to French NFS 90-351 norm: Bacteriological: M1
  • B-s1, d0 fire classification
Cleanroom approved

The front of a DANOtile ceiling tile is laminated with pre-impregnated non-toxic qhite paper.

This foil-covered surface gives DANOtile its hygienic qualities as it can tolerate tough cleaning and disinfection agents with pH levels from 2 – 13.  

100% recyclable material

Made from gypsum, DANOtile is a 100% recyclable material. A simple mechanical process of removing the paper cover around the gypsum core ensure that the gypsum material can be reused repeatedly in the production of new gypsum boards.

Right now, each of our gypsum boards - DANOtile included - consist of up to 30% recycled gypsum.

Gypsum is a clean and safe material with a long service life. This also means that the boards don't lose their colour over time. 



Product performance

  • Sustainability Sustainability

    Made of gypsum

    100% recycleable

    Safe and clean material

    Long service life without discoloration

  • Air quality Air quality

    Certified according to
    Danish Indoor Climate labelling

    Air purification with
    Cleaneo Technology

    Listed to be used in
    Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings

  • Hygiene Hygiene

    ISO 5 class - tested for airborne particles according to ISO 146444-1
    Withstands concentrated disifectants with a very high (up to pH 13) and a very low pH (down to pH 2.5)

    According to French NFS 90-351 norm: Decontamination kinetics: CP5

    According to French NFS 90-351 norm: Bacteriological: M1

  • Fire resistance Fire resistance

    30 minute fire resistance (6.5mm tile)
    according to BS 476:Part 23:1987, Clause 5, on a suspended assembley protecting loadbearing 'I' section steel beams. 

    B-s1, d0 fire classification