Contur (D)

Demountable acoustical ceiling in concealed T-grid

  • Contur with Quadril perforation installed in a car dealer's showroom.
  • Contur conceals the T-grid thanks to grooved edge design of the ceiling tiles.
  • Contur demountable ceiling, installed in a concealed suspension grid.

Product details

Contur ceiling is installed in a completely concealed suspension grid. This makes the ceiling surface very calm and uniform. Contur ceiling tiles require only 63mm construction height as the ceiling tiles are installed from below the T-grid.

  • EPD-Envionmental Product Declaration
  • Danish Indoor Climate Labelling
  • Fireresistant
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Repaintable without loss of acoustics
  • Listed to be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings

Edge Designs

Contur (D) Contur (D) Concealed suspension grid

Perforation Designs

Micro Micro Square 3x3mm, c/c 8.3mm
Globe Globe Circles Ø6mm, c/c 15mm
Quadril Quadril Square 12x12mm, c/c 30mm
Tangent Tangent Obround 4x14 mm, c/c 10/20mm

Reference project with Contur ceiling

Contur offers excellent sound absorption coupled with minimalistic design and great functionality. Perfect for renovation projects and high-profile rooms.

  • Contur with Quadril perforation at Volkswagen Scherer Showroom in Germany. More about this project
  • Contur Globe at an elementary school in Germany.
  • Contur as rectangular 300x1200 module at a college in France.
Low construction height

Contur ceiling tiles are installed from below the grid. Therefore, you can install a Contur ceiling using only 63mm cavity. A Contur acoustical ceiling is ideal for renovation projects where you need a space-saving construction to retain as much of your original room height as possible.  

Concealed T-grid 

A Contur ceiling tile is designed with a grooved edge and  a metal clip on the back. The grooved edge helps conceal the T-grid while the metal clip carries the weight of the ceiling tile. The finished surface of a Contur ceiling is therefore completely demountable yet without a visible suspension grid.  

Sustainable material

Our Contur ceiling like the rest of our acoustical portfolio is made of gypsum. Gypsum is a highly robust and sustainable material which can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its original qualities. An acoustical gypsum tile is therefore carefully designed to be 100% circular. Currently, an acoustic ceiling from Knauf Danoline consists of 30% recycled gypsum. 


Product performance

  • Sustainability Sustainability

    Made of gypsum

    100% recycleable

    Safe material

  • Acoustics Acoustics

    Up to 0.90 NRC 

    Up to 0.95 alpha value

    Value depending on design and construction

  • Air quality Air quality

    Certified according to
    Danish Indoor Climate labelling

    Air purification with
    Cleaneo Technology

Installation guide for concealed T-grid acoustic ceilings

Watch our installation video on how to install our Contur and Contur+ acoustic ceilings in a concealed T-grid ceiling.

Cutting and handling our Contur+ acoustic ceiling tiles

Watch our video and guide so you know how to cut and handle our Contur+ and Contur acoustic ceiling tiles.