3-dimensional wood look design with top fire classification

  • Gypsum strips on Rold12 ceiling tiles give depth to the ceiling surface and conceal the grid-look of the demountable ceiling.
  • Rold12 ceiling tiles are installed on a well-proven, standard T-grid suspension system, saving installation time on the building site.
  • Rold12 consists of a perforated ceiling tile with gypsum strips glued on the front. Designed for recycling and made from gypsum, a 100% circular material.

Product specifies

With a firm belief that aesthetics and acoustics can coexist, Knauf DANOLINE has developed Rold12 - a demountable, functional acoustic ceiling with ground-breaking design options. These ceiling tiles consist of a perforated tile with glued gypsum strips on the front with for example a wood look design, making the acoustic ceiling tiles three-dimensional with a top fire classification, since the ceiling is made from gypsum, and not wood. Gypsum is a natural, clean, safe, and 100% circular material. Based on the Danish design principle, Rold12 ceiling offers minimalistic, simple design opportunities along with unrivalled functionality to ensure high quality indoor comfort.

  • Fully demountable
  • No visible grid markings
  • Individual surface designs
  • Top fire classification
  • High acoustical performance
  • Can easily be combined with Contur
  • 100% recyclable material
  • System manufactured LED lights
  • Can be combined with diffuse ventilation
  • Listed to be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings

Edge Designs

Rold12 - cross section Rold12 - cross section Concealed T-grid
Rold12 - length section Rold12 - length section Concealed T-grid

Surface design

Rold12 Rold12 Square 3.5x3.5mm, c/c 8.3mm with 24.5mm strips white oak print


Offering a wealth of design options, Rold12 allows you to make your own mark on a ceiling surface. This feature makes Rold12 an ideal acoustic solution for spaces where aesthetic and acoustic comfort are expected to be top quality, such as restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, receptions, excibition areas, schools, and offices.

  • With Rold12 ceiling tiles, the geometrics of a 60 x 60 grid disappear. The surface is uniform, yet fully demountable.
  • Rold12 is made of gypsum and exemplifies the potential of this material. The ceiling can take on any look required, yet retains the sustainable and functional qualities of gypsum.
  • The base tile can be made with the colour of your choice. And the gypsum strips can be painted or printed to your specifications.
  • The range of combinations is only bounded by your imagination.
  • With Rold12, you can give your ceiling the most appropriate design.
Brings beauty to acoustic ceilings in everyday spaces

Rold12 brings a new aesthetic dimension to acoustic ceilings. This new gypsum ceiling gives depth to the ceiling surface and offers a wealth of design opportunities that ensure coherence. Coherence between the ceiling and the rest of the room; coherence that brings harmony between surfaces and lets you enjoy the beauty of the space.   

The power to design given back to architects

An acoustic ceiling is more than just a ceiling. To us, an acoustic ceiling is an opportunity for you to design the space according to the needs and requirements of the building. With Rold12, the grid look disappears; the surface is left uniform and neutral. Giving you the power to design the geometrics of the room as you find most appropriate, bringing your personal touch to the ceiling look.  

Uncompromising functionality

The aesthetics of the Rold12 ceiling come – not at the cost of functionality – but in addition to it. The functional benefits of a demountable gypsum ceiling remain. Every ceiling tile is accessible. Sound absorption is superb. The material is clean and safe to use. The product receives top fire classification. 

Designed for recycling

And to top it all, Rold12 is made of gypsum – a natural and 100% circular material. These ceiling tiles and gypsum strips are designed for demounting and recycling, which means that the entire Rold12 ceiling tile can be recycled - right now, each of our Rold12 ceiling tiles consist of up to 30% recycled gypsum. The gypsum core is returned to the closed loop for production of new plasterboard. The cardboard is shredded and utilised in agriculture.

Knauf Rold12 080221 00215

LED light strip for Rold12

Perfect your Rold12 ceiling with LED light strips. Our LED light strips are designed specifically for Rold12 ceiling tiles. They are fitted in between the gypsum strips. Once installed, the LED strips are completely flush with the ceiling tile. 

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Product performance

Rold12 brings Danish minimalistic design and natural beauty to everyday spaces. Without compromising the essential functions for healthy indoor comfort.

  • Sustainability Sustainability

    Made of gypsum

    100% recyclable

    Safe and clean material

  • Acoustics Acoustics

    0.80 - 0.90 NRC  and alpha value

    Value depending on perforation design and construction

  • Air quality Air quality

    A+ classification for VOC emissions
    according to ISO16000-9

    Air purification with
    Cleaneo Technology

    Listed to be used in
    Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings

    Can be combined with
    diffuse ventilation

  • Fire rating Fire rating

    A2, s1-d0

Intallation of Rold12 in standard T24 suspension grid.