Acoustic panel for simple installation on ceiling or wall. No joint filling. Discreet bevelled edge.

  • Tectopanel is a highly versatile acoustic panel. Simple installation and finishing, requiring only filling of screw holes.
  • Tectopanel as ceiling lining on wood furring
  • Tectopanel as wall lining on steel profiles.

Product details

Tectopanel are unpainted panels for screw-fixing on ceilings and walls. Tectopanel can be installed on wood or steel furring. The installation requires filling of screw holes and painting on site. Tectopanel comes in a number of different sizes, which offers a flexible and easy installation.

  • EPD-Envionmental Product Declaration
  • Danish Indoor Climate Labelling
  • Made from gypsum, a recyclable material
  • Repaintable without loss of acoustics
  • Product is recyclable and can be reused in the production of new gypsum boards and gypsum tiles

Edge Designs

Tectopanel as ceiling lining on wood Tectopanel as ceiling lining on wood Edge B with bevelled edge and visible joints
Tectopanel as ceiling lining on steel Tectopanel as ceiling lining on steel Edge B with bevelled edge and visible joints
Tectopanel as wall lining Tectopanel as wall lining Edge B with bevelled edge and visible joints

Perforation Designs

Globe Globe Circles Ø6mm, c/c 15mm
Micro Micro Square 3x3mm, c/c 8.3mm
Quadril Quadril Square 12x12mm, c/c 30mm
Tangent Tangent Obround 4x14 mm, c/c 10/20mm

Reference project with Tectopanel

Tectopanel is a truely versatile acoustic product which can be curved on site, or installed in combination with a demountable acoustic ceiling to achieve a complete wall/ceiling match.

  • Tectopanel can be supplied in various sizes and is easily curved on site.
  • Tectopanel is rectangular 400x1200mm size is a perfect combination with Visona ceiling tiles. See more about this reference project in France
  • Perforated and unperforated Tectopanels can be combined to achieve a desired acoustic effect.

Design flexibility

The flexibility of gypsum and the wide range of sizes make Tectopanel a highly versatile acoustic solution. You can install Tectopanel on ceiling or walls. You can curve the perforated panels. And you can apply colours of your choice on site.

Long-lasting solution

Tectopanel is a acoustic solution which highlights recyclability too thanks to recyclable material, gypsum. The panels can be repainted as often as required with no loss of acoustic performance. After ended service life, the acoustic panels can be recycled to new gypsum boards. In fact, a Tectopanel tile already consists of up to 30% recycled gypsum.  

Product performance

  • Recyclability Recyclability

    Made of gypsum, a recyclable material

    Each Tectopanel tile consists of up to 30% recycled gypsum

  • Acoustics Acoustics

    Up to 0.90 NRC 

    Up to 0.90 alpha value

    Value depending on design and construction

  • Air quality Air quality

    Certified according to
    Danish Indoor Climate labelling

    Air purification with
    Cleaneo Technology